How To Get Shade On The Beach

How To Get Shade On The Beach

Having a shaded place you can lie under while relaxing on the beach is essential. Just a few minutes of sun exposure is enough to damage the skin, causing all manner of conditions, such as wrinkling, dryness, dark spots, and flaking.

Unfortunately, sunscreen isn't usually enough to keep you safe, even in the middle of the day. That's because sun protection only protects you for a few hours before its benefits start to lessen, or your sunscreen rubs off in the water.

The best approach is to use some sort of shade, but which? Here's a list of your options.

Shade under a tree

A Natural Shaded Place

Natural shaded places are usually few and far between on beaches. The best option is to get under some trees, but they don't provide perfect protection. Leaves blowing around in the wind can leave you dangerously exposed.

Beach Umbrella

A beach umbrella can also function as a beach shade. These have a traditional and fun aesthetic.

However, there are some problems with umbrellas. Compared to regular beach canopies, they can get extremely hot. They are also prone to breaking easily, and unlike a tent, they don't provide ample shade if you are in a large group. They're also unsuitable during windy beach days. The next option on our list is definitely the most convenient and best way to get shade on the beach...

Beach Canopy: The Sun Ninja Beach Tent

By far the best way to get sun protection on the beach is to use beach canopies, like the Sun Ninja beach tent. These are purpose-built with beach-goers in mind, though you can use them at home, too.

A fun beach tent should have space for beach chairs, kids, beach blankets, little ones, pillows, and bags. The Sun Ninja comes with the option of a 2-pole or 4-pole setup, which can easily accommodate a large family or group of friends. 

Sun Ninja beach blanket

The Sun Ninja is the best product on the market right now and perfect for warm weather days at the beach. Sun Ninja's beach tent comes with 4 poles which allows it to be setup on grass surfaces or sand using  It's incredibly lightweight, making it easy to carry from the car. And it provides strong UPF50+ fabric to prevent sun damage, enough to keep a baby safe. 

Sun Ninja tents are also exceptionally robust, meaning that they can withstand pretty much whatever the beach weather throws at them. On sunny days, they resist UV, while on windy days, they can protect against a stiff breeze. They're clearly the best choice. 

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Beach Shade FAQ's

How can Sun Ninja beach tents provide shade on the beach?

Sun Ninja beach tents are specifically designed to offer instant shade and shelter on the beach. With their easy-to-set-up pop-up design, durable construction, and extended coverage, these tents provide a shady retreat where you can relax and unwind away from the sun's harsh rays. Simply unfold the tent, secure it with the included stakes and sandbags, and enjoy instant protection from the sun.

Can Sun Ninja beach tents block harmful UV rays?

Yes! Sun Ninja beach tents are crafted from high-quality materials with built-in UV protection to shield you and your loved ones from harmful sun rays. The specially designed fabric blocks out up to 98% of UV rays, helping to prevent sunburn and reduce the risk of skin damage. With Sun Ninja tents, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you're protected from the sun's harmful effects while enjoying your time at the beach.

What's better: Beach Tent vs Beach Umbrella?

Beach tents offer far more shaded area than beach umbrellas, allowing them to be more suited for groups, and families, or individuals looking for more shelter. Sun Ninja beach tents are also far more portable and compact than a beach umbrella, and they can be set up in a matter of minutes.