A brilliantly engineered sun shade that gives you a cool place to relax, UPF 50+ protected skin, and hours of uninterrupted fun.

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Ultimate Convenience


  • 3-Step Setup

    Lightweight to carry, easy to set up: just 3 steps and that's it!

  • Sun-safe — UPF 50

    Our tents are the safest in the world from harmful UV rays and offer UPF protection.

  • Any Terrain

    Sand, dirt, pebbles, or solid stone are all friends of the Sun Ninja.


Hello, All day sun protection!

Sun Ninja protects you from the sun with UPF50+ so you can safely enjoy the great outdoors. Made from durable elastic spandex with triple overlock stitching, this bad boy is water resistant,machine washable and will hold up even in windy conditions.

The aluminum poles are lightweight, rust proof and fold easily into your stylish carry bag.

  • Anywhere

    Sun Ninja is light and portable, so you can take the shade with you anywhere you go.

  • Anytime

    Whether you're at the beach, golfing, or camping, Sun Ninja has your back and is ready in minutes.

  • Anyone

    From adults to kids, anyone can set up and enjoy Sun Ninja

Industry Leading Features

  • Triple Overlock Stitching

    Overlock stitching encloses the seam and stops the fabric from fraying. This means it’s extremely durable!

  • Strong & Stretchable

    Sun Ninja uses resilient elastic spandex. It can be used for any terrain and will survive strong winds or anything else you can throw at it (except perhaps a ninja star!).

  • Pegs For All Terrain

    No sand or smooth pebbles to weigh you down, no worries - we got you covered with 4 metal ninja pegs for the grass.

  • Water-Resistant Fabric

    If the weather turns on you, have no fear as your Sun Ninja will jump to your defense… it's water resistant and easy to clean.


Transform Your Day Outside

If you're tired of painstakingly driving that umbrella pole into the sand, only to have a gust of wind rip it away – or you just need better sun protection…

Then our innovative Sun Ninja is right for you! Not only does Sun Ninja outperform competitors in the beachy sand terrain, you can have instant access to UPF50+ sun protection anywhere you decide go. Sun Ninja is the perfect marriage between convenience and function. Get yours now!


Sun Ninja Bundles


    8-Person Tent Bundle

    $244.95 $194.95

    x1 ... 8-Person Tent
    x1 ... Blanket
    x1 ... Nano Tent (free)


    4-Person Tent Bundle

    $214.95 $164.95

    x1 ... 4-Person Tent
    x1 ... Blanket
    x1 ... Nano Tent (free)


    Nano Tent Bundle

    $84.99 $64.99

    x1 ... Nano Tent
    x1 ... Blanket

Life's Dull Without Sun Ninja

  • UPF50+ Protection

  • Easy Setup

  • Easy to Clean

  • Warranty