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5 Reasons You Need a Beach Tent For Your Next Beach Trip

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Going to the beach is a great way to feel connected with nature. After a long, busy week in the city, there's nothing better than heading to the coast for the weekend and having some fun.

But if you want to make the most of your trip, you need sun protection. Sitting out all day and exposing yourself to UV is not a good idea. Just 20 minutes can cause burning, permanently damaging the dermis.

For this reason, taking a beach tent with you makes a lot of sense. Similar to a beach umbrella, these keep you out of direct sunlight and UV rays. But they also offer a host of other stuff too that makes your beach trips so much more enjoyable.

This page discusses all the reasons why you need to take the Sun Ninja beach tent on your next trip. Here's how it makes your life great:

Stops You And Your Family From Burning

Going to the beach and coming back burnt from head to toe isn't a lot of fun. The pain the next day is excruciating, and you have to constantly go to the spa for expensive laser resurfacing to undo the damage – not what you want.

But when you use the Sun Ninja beach tent, skin protection is guaranteed. The tent's canopy comes equipped with UPF50+ protection which means that it filters out 98 percent of the sun's rays. The Sun Ninja's material offers the perfect pop-up canopy. In fact, it's so safe, it's suitable for babies.

By contrast, most DIY beach tents do not offer this level of protection. That's because they do not use UPF50+ material. After a few hours with the sun overhead, the skin starts to burn, even when under shelter. The fabric simply doesn't offer enough UV protection.

Keeps You Dry

Aside from protecting you against the sun's UV rays, the Sun Ninja beach canopy also keeps you dry. The UV-resistant material is water-repellent, meaning that if the heavens do open, you can ride it out and then get on with enjoying your day.

How is this achieved? Sun Ninja makes the canopy material from elastic spandex. It's one of the few water-resistant fabrics capable of withstanding strong winds on windy days. The material maintains its shape, even when buffeted by a powerful Pacific breeze. Compared to beach umbrellas, it's much more reliable because it won't fold back and invert.

You Can Set It Up To Suit Your Outdoor Activities

Another reason people love taking the Sun Ninja on beach trips is that you can set it up your way. This factor means that it's ideal for a range of outdoor activities.

For a two-pole setup, you just take the canopy and two of the extremely lightweight aluminum poles with you and create a shelter with a sloping roof – perfect for wind and sun protection. Fill the sand bags in the corners or anchor the whole structure with Ninja tent pegs.

The four-pole setup is ideal for day trips involving the whole family. Just take all the poles with you and anchor them to the ground as normal. This setup gives the pop-up tent a flat roof with space for up to eight people, unlike some beach canopies that only have room for four, adding air flow. It's perfect for having a party and getting everyone together. Plus, with an easy setup, you can get on with enjoying your day sooner.

The great thing about the Sun Ninja beach tent is that you can use it anywhere, not just on beach day. It makes the perfect fishing hide-out or shade in the back garden for wind protection. 

Gives You More Privacy

Public beaches are great for meeting new people and being close to amenities. But they don't provide you with much privacy. During a day at the beach, anyone can gawp at you, making you feel uncomfortable.

With a pop-up beach tent, though, you can avoid feeling awkward. Two-pole Sun Ninjas improve privacy from the rear and help you relax more, making it the best beach tent on the market for this purpose. Nobody can see you from behind.

Don't worry, though: the two-pole setup doesn't affect your enjoyment of the product. Even with a sloping canopy, you can still set up beach chairs and have plenty of space for all your possessions.

Easy To Carry

Lastly, the Sun Ninja is lightweight and easy to carry. While it might not have large mesh windows, it does come in a small carry bag that makes it easy to transport from the car to your spot of sand on the beach. The aluminum poles and elastic spandex canopy are extremely lightweight, making it super easy to bring with you along with the rest of your beach items.

The weight of Sun Ninjas beach tent, not including the weight of the sand anchor, ranges from 7 lbs to a little over 11 lbs. This means that it is extremely portable and lightweight!

beach tent Carrying bag

Why You Need a Sun Ninja Beach Tent

In summary, taking a Sun Ninja beach tent to the beach offers a host of advantages and benefits. It protects you against harmful rays and it keeps you dry during rain storms.

Some beach tent brands do not supply their pop-up tents with UV protection built into the canopy, but Sun Ninja does. UPF50+ is sufficient to protect even the most delicate skin. Even babies can use it.

Some beach tent brands also fail to offer customers a comfortable carrying case, but Sun Ninja includes it as standard. A single person can carry the tent to the beach and set it up in just a few minutes. Ultimately, the Sun Ninja is here to make your life better. Tents can withstand strong wind and give you more space than traditional umbrellas.

Sun Ninja Beach Tents Starting at $29.99

Beach Tent FAQ's

Are beach tents easy to set up and take down?

Absolutely! Our Sun Ninja beach tents are designed with convenience in mind. With their innovative pop-up design and lightweight construction, they're a breeze to set up and take down. Simply unfold the tent, secure it with the included stakes and sandbags, and you're ready to enjoy instant shade and shelter at the beach. When it's time to pack up, the tent folds down compactly into its carrying bag for effortless transportation and storage.

How do beach tents protect against sun exposure?

Sun Ninja beach tents are crafted from high-quality materials with built-in UV protection (UPF 50) to shield you and your loved ones from harmful sun rays. The specially designed fabric blocks out up to 98% of UV rays, helping to prevent sunburn and reduce the risk of skin damage. With their spacious interiors and extended coverage, our beach tents offer a shady retreat where you can relax and unwind without worrying about overexposure to the sun.

Can beach tents withstand windy conditions?

Yes, our Sun Ninja beach tents are engineered to withstand windy conditions with ease. Featuring sturdy construction and reinforced seams, they're built to stand up to the elements and provide reliable shelter even on breezy beach days. Additionally, each tent comes equipped with sandbags and stakes for added stability, allowing you to anchor it securely to the ground and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your shelter will stay put, no matter the weather.