What To Do at The Beach: Sun, Sand, and Fun

What To Do at The Beach: Sun, Sand, and Fun

Deciding what to do at the beach? Our guide slices through the clutter, offering activities for every beachgoer. From fast-paced beach sports to serene shoreline strolls and creative coastal crafting, we’ve compiled the essentials for your sandy excursion. Peek into our collection of beach activities and carve out your ideal day by the sea.

Key Takeaways

  • Pack your spirits and beach games for a fun-filled day—volleyball, frisbee, and sandcastle building are just a few activities to enjoy on the sand.

  • Transition from sand to sea for some thrilling water sports, or relax with simple pastimes like reading, picnicking, and sunset-watching for a rejuvenating day.

  • Remember beach etiquette and safety, stay hydrated, pack appropriately (don't forget a beach tent), and for an extra twist, try unique activities like kite flying or sand dune exploration.

Beach Sports and Games to Get You Moving

Let’s kick off the flip-flops and dive into a treasure trove of beach sports and games that promise to elevate your heart rate and your spirits. From the casual to the competitive, sandy beaches become the ultimate arena for a mix of fun beach games and activities.

Whether you’re rallying under a beach umbrella or sprinting along the shore, each game is a fun way to bond with friends and family, meet new people, and soak up the beach experience in all its glory.

Beach Volleyball: Spike and Serve by the Sea

Beach volleyball

Nothing captures the essence of a beach day quite like a spirited game of beach volleyball. Feel the sand between your toes as you leap to spike the ball, with the sun overhead and the sea as your backdrop. Beach volleyball is not just a beach activity; it’s a dance of agility and teamwork that anyone can join.

And don’t worry if you’re not near a net—the beauty of the beach is that an inflatable ball and a circle of friends are all you need to serve up some fun.

Ultimate Frisbee: Catch the Spirit on the Shore

As the frisbee sails through the salty air, caught by a gentle sea breeze, you’ll find yourself in the midst of an ultimate frisbee match that’s as much about fun as it is about sport. This beach activity isn’t just for the athletically inclined; it’s an inclusive game where every catch and throw is a celebration of movement and laughter by the water’s edge.

So, gather a team, draw your lines in the sand, and let the ultimate frisbee fun begin!

Sand Castle Building: Craft Your Coastal Kingdom

Beyond the waves and the competitive games lies a quieter, yet equally engaging beach activity at Cannon Beach: sand castle building. Here, the sandy shores become a canvas for creativity, where children and adults alike can craft elaborate sandcastles or whimsical sand art.

It’s not just about building structures—it’s about shaping memories and letting your imagination rule your very own coastal kingdom, even if just for a day.

Water Adventures and Activities

Now, let’s make a splash and transition from the warm embrace of the sand to the invigorating embrace of the ocean. Water adventures and activities offer a refreshing counterpoint to beach sports, inviting you to plunge into the depths for some scuba diving, balance atop a paddleboard, or zip across the surface on a jet ski.

The beach offers more than just swimming; it’s a gateway to exhilarating water sports that can define your beach vacation.

Leisurely Beach Pastimes for Ultimate Relaxation

After the high-energy thrills, it’s time to slow down and savor the simple pleasures that make a beach day truly restorative. Under the protective shade of a beach umbrella, you can indulge in leisurely beach pastimes that rejuvenate the soul. Whether you’re seeking the natural beauty of the landscape or the joy of good company, these activities are all about embracing the art of relaxation along the beautiful coastline.

Some activities to consider include:

  • Reading a book or magazine

  • Taking a leisurely stroll along the shoreline

  • Building sandcastles or sculptures

  • Collecting seashells

  • Watching the sunset

  • Having a picnic

  • Playing beach games like frisbee or volleyball

These activities will help you unwind and make the most of your beach day.

Sunbathing and Sunset Watching: Bask in Nature's Glow

sunbathing on beach

Picture yourself lounging on a waterproof beach blanket, the sun’s rays gently kissing your skin, as you partake in the timeless ritual of sunbathing. And as the day nears its end, the horizon begins to paint itself with the vibrant hues of sunset—a natural spectacle best enjoyed from the comfort of the sandy beaches, with nearby tide pools adding to the beauty of the scene.

This is the time when the beach transforms into an amphitheater of natural beauty, inviting you to watch the sunset and bask in its glow.

Strolling and People Watching: A Walk to Remember

There’s something meditative about a walk along the water’s edge, where each step can be a moment of introspection or an opportunity for people watching. As you stroll along the beach, you’ll notice the tapestry of life that unfolds—children building sand castles, couples lost in conversation, and friends laughing together.

It’s a walk to remember, one that might just inspire a good story or lead to a chance encounter you’ll never forget.

Picnicking by the Shore: Savor the Moments

Why not turn your beach visit into a feast for the senses with a delightful picnic by the shore? Here are some ideas for your beach picnic:

  • Lay out a spread of your favorite snacks, from fresh fruits to gourmet sandwiches

  • Bring along some refreshing beverages like lemonade or iced tea

  • Don’t forget to pack some sunscreen and beach towels

  • Bring some games or activities to keep everyone entertained, like a frisbee or a beach ball

  • Savor the moments with the whole family and enjoy the summer months Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying the summer months, a beach picnic is an outdoor activity that combines the joy of good food with the splendor of the sea.

Creative Coastal Crafts and Collections

The beach isn’t just a playground—it’s also a muse. It invites you to engage in creative coastal crafts and collections that turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Collect sea glass, shells, and driftwood to create art or keepsakes that embody the spirit of the ocean.

These fun activities are not only a way to bring a piece of the beach home with you but also a chance to express your artistic side along the scenic shores.

Sea Glass Treasure Hunt

There’s something magical about searching for sea glass—the ocean’s jewels—tumbled and smoothed by time and tide. Embark on a treasure hunt along the beach, and you might be lucky enough to find rare colors that add a special touch to your collection.

It’s a fun activity that combines the thrill of discovery with the serenity of a walk along the shore.

Beach Day Essentials and Safety Tips

To ensure your beach day is as perfect as the postcards suggest, it’s crucial to pack the essentials and keep safety in mind. From a reliable beach umbrella to a first-aid kit, being prepared means you can focus on enjoying your beach activities without worry.

And remember, the best beach days are safe ones, so stay aware of your surroundings and heed local guidelines for a splendid time by the sea.

Choosing the right beach tent

When it comes to beach comfort, choosing the right beach tent can make all the difference. A beach tent is not just about shade—it’s about creating your ideal location for a day of fun in the sun. With options like the versatile Sun Ninja beach tents, you can find the perfect fit for your beach day needs.


beach tent

Staying Hydrated and Sun-Safe

Amidst the excitement of beach volleyball and the relaxation of watching the sunset, it’s easy to forget the basics like staying hydrated and sun-safe. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Always have a cold drink on hand

  • Seek shelter under a beach umbrella with a high UPF rating

  • Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen regularly, because even the summer months’ gentle breeze can’t shield you from the sun’s powerful rays.

Understanding Beach Etiquette

Beach etiquette is the unsung hero of a harmonious beach experience. Respect the sand dunes, keep the beaches clean, and be mindful of noise levels to ensure everyone can enjoy the beach offers.

By following simple guidelines, you’ll help preserve the beach’s natural beauty and ensure a pleasant visit for all.

Unique Beach Experiences to Spice Up Your Visit

Ready to add a dash of the extraordinary to your beach bucket list? Unique beach experiences like kite flying and sand dune exploration await, ready to spice up your visit with activities that are a little off the beaten path.

Embrace the opportunity to create unforgettable memories with these one-of-a-kind outdoor activities, which are truly fun things to experience.

Kite Flying: Dancing with the Wind

Let your spirits soar as you fly a kite, dancing with the wind along the shore. The strong winds and wide-open spaces make the beach an ideal place for kite flying, a fun activity that mesmerizes kids and adults alike.

It’s a beautiful scenery to witness a sky dotted with colorful kites riding the waves of the breeze.

Sand Dune Exploration: Adventure Awaits

Venture beyond the water’s edge and into the world of sand dunes, where adventure awaits. Climb the peaks for panoramic views, or rent a dune buggy for an adrenaline-pumping ride.

Sand dune exploration is a fun way to connect with the beach’s diverse landscapes and uncover the hidden beauty that lies beyond the shore.

Beach Ball Bonanza: Bounce and Play

Grab a beach ball and let the fun begin with a beach ball bonanza. Bounce, toss, and play your way through a day at the beach with this simple yet endlessly entertaining fun beach game. It’s a fun way to engage in light-hearted competition or just pass the time in the sun.

Planning the Perfect Beach Vacation: Tips and Tricks

A little planning goes a long way in creating the perfect beach vacation. Imagine extending your beach day into the evening with a bonfire, an outdoor cinema under the stars, or a sunset cruise. These tips and tricks are your guide to making every moment on the beach—from the first ray of sunshine to the last glimmer of twilight—absolutely unforgettable.

Timing Your Trip: Avoiding Crowds and Heat

Timing is everything when it comes to enjoying the beach to its fullest. Find solace by visiting on weekdays or during off-peak seasons to avoid crowds. Consider arriving in the mid-afternoon when the sun is less intense and the beach begins to clear out, offering you a more personal and comfortable beach experience.

Packing Like a Pro: Beach Gear and Goodies

To capture the essence of your beach vacation, don’t forget to pack:

  • a camera

  • a beach umbrella

  • a boogie board

  • a well-thought-out packing list

  • beach gear and goodies

  • a Sun Ninja beach tent for that extra touch of comfort and style.

Making Special Occasions Memorable

Celebrate special occasions on the sandy beaches by adding a personal touch with themed decorations, engaging activities, and surprise elements. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or family gathering, the beach provides a beautiful backdrop that turns any special occasion into a cherished memory.


From the energizing activities on the sand to the tranquil pastimes by the shore, this guide has journeyed through the myriad of ways to enjoy the beach. Whether you arrived seeking adventure or serenity, the beach has something for everyone. Embrace these ideas and let the beach be your playground and your sanctuary. Go ahead, make every wave count, and create your own seaside story.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are some fun activities for kids at the beach?

Kids can have a blast at the beach by building sand castles, hunting for sea glass, flying kites, and playing with beach balls. Enjoy!

How can I ensure my safety while participating in water sports?

To ensure your safety while participating in water sports, always stay aware of local water conditions, wear appropriate safety gear, and consider taking swimming lessons to enhance your safety.

What should I consider when choosing a beach tent?

When choosing a beach tent, make sure to consider UV protection, ease of setup, and ample space for your group. Many people recommend Sun Ninja beach tents for these features.

Are there any beach activities that can also be relaxing?

Definitely! Sunbathing, watching the sunset, and leisurely strolls on the beach are all relaxing and enjoyable activities.

How can I make a special occasion at the beach more memorable?

Make your beach special occasion more memorable by considering beachside decorations, a themed picnic, a fun game, or a surprise element like fireworks. Enjoy!