The Best Baby Beach Tent

The Best Baby Beach Tent

The Best Baby Beach Tent

Sun Ninja baby beach tent

There are many baby beach tents on the market, however, none compare to the Sun Ninja Nano (mini) 2-Person beach tent. This tent pops up easily and provides all the protection your baby needs. Beach tents are a wonderful way for you to provide shade from the sun while you and your kids enjoy the beach. This beach shade is specifically designed for babies, toddlers, and pets, and its dimensions allow it to be used on almost every beach in the world, even Myrtle Beach!

Here's why you need the Sun Ninja Nano beach tent for your babies and pets.

UPF50+ Protection

Wrapping your baby up in protective clothing is essential when you go to the beach. But the best baby beach tents make life simpler for you. With these, you know your baby is safe from the sun's harmful rays whenever they are underneath the canopy.

Fortunately, that's an area where the Sun Ninja baby beach tent really shines. Unlike cheaper beach tents, it comes with verified UPF50+ protection which is enough to keep even the most sensitive skin safe.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, UFP50+ fabric blocks 98 percent of the sun's harmful rays, reducing exposure fifty-fold. A small amount of UV still gets through, but this is unlikely to cause damage to your baby's skin as the energy it contains is so low.

Don't confuse SPF with UPF. SPF is the amount of time it takes sun-exposed skin to redden, while UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) measures the actual amount of solar radiation getting through. As such, this pop-up tent provides your baby with far more UV protection than regular sunscreen.

Set Up Easily

Finding an easy-setup beach tent can be challenging. Most baby beach tents require you to endlessly hammer ground stakes, tie guy ropes, and rifle through instruction booklets. But not this one. The Sun Ninja baby sun tent only takes a few minutes to set up, letting you get on and enjoy the beach, fishing, or whatever other activity you've planned.

The nice thing about this baby beach tent is that you can set it up just about anywhere. It's big enough for the whole family but small enough not to get in the way of anyone else's plot. You have plenty of space to cater to your baby and the rest of your family while getting all the sun protection you need to keep you safe.

Each Sun Ninja 2-person tent comes with stability poles and anchors, designed for sandy beaches or even grass surfaces. These penetrate deep into the ground so your infant beach tent won't fly away on windy days. The anchoring system also makes sure that the tent continues to function as a sun shade throughout by keeping the fabric pulled taut, protecting against the sun's rays.

If you don't want to set the tent up with stakes, you can anchor it with sand pockets instead. These keep the baby tent glued to the ground when there's a sea breeze.

Of course, you don't have to set the best baby beach tents up on sandy surfaces. Just like other top models, you can also erect the Sun Ninja on grassy areas or even rocky outcrops when camping. In that respect, it's pretty versatile.

Sun Ninja beach tent Nano

Easy To Carry

The Sun Ninja comes with a carry bag to make it easier to transport. Thanks to the convenient strap on the travel bag, you can take it wherever you go, carrying it to and from the car with ease.

The weight of the tent is around 7 lbs, which is roughly in line with the best baby beach tents on the market. Unlike some models, it doesn't come with mesh windows, but you can change your position throughout the day to avoid sun exposure. It's totally baby safe and offers the best sun protection in its class.

Looks Great

As the best baby beach tent, the Sun Ninja also looks great. Available in baby blue, it's the perfect complement to any California beach vacation.

Moreover, you can set up the shade tent in different ways, depending on your preferences. One option is to use all four ground stakes and build a gazebo-like baby beach shade. Another format is to erect two stakes at the front and then anchor the back by filling the sand bags. This setup gives your beach tent a sloping, low-profile roof that's perfect for windy days.

Even though this tent is only for two people, it retains the same look and quality as the large pop-up tent options in Sun Ninja's range. Hence, even if you spend less money, you're still getting the same quality product to protect your baby against the sun's harmful UV rays.

Keeps You Dry

Coastal weather can be highly changeable. One minute, you're basking in the sun and the next, it's pouring with rain. Fortunately, Sun Ninja makes the entire beach tent out of water-resistant fabric. Therefore, if the heavens do decide to open, you can shelter underneath.

This fact also makes it incredibly easy to clean. Like all the best beach tents, it comes with fabric you can just hose down to remove any sand or debris.

Robust And Stretchy

Lastly, beach gear needs to protect your baby's skin from the sun's harmful rays, but it should also be strong. Sun tents that fail after a couple of visits to the coast aren't worth spending money on.

The reason this is the best beach tent is it is made from highly resilient elastic spandex. Not only is it stretchy, but it is incredibly strong, meaning that it can survive strong winds and even stormy weather. 

Sun Ninja uses industry-leading triple overlock stitching. As such, the stitch between pieces of material is stronger and more durable. The canopy, therefore, is suitable for stuffing into a carrying bag or even setting up in your own backyard permanently while you're not at the beach. Edges and seams won't fray over time.

Wrapping Up

In summary, the Sun Ninja is the best baby beach tent on the market right now. Unlike other baby tents that protect against UV rays, this particular model meets the requirements set out by the Skin Cancer Foundation. It's also lightweight, extremely robust, and configurable to your needs. Please note, though, that it's only big enough for two people. If you want larger baby beach tent options, you'll need to choose bigger sizes in Sun Ninja's range.

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